Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Are you taking care of yourself?

A client of mine asked me this question about two weeks ago. It stopped me in my tracks because that voice inside my head was an emphatic, No!

I was so grateful for that comment because it woke me up. I didn't beat myself up like I might have in the past. Instead I started to make small changes.

I focused on slowing down my pace, pausing before reacting. I called some body workers and scheduled appointments through January. I started using some ANF protocols to relieve anxiety and calm my nervous system.

I took more small movement breaks like this one. Here I am playing with how I experience weight--shifting and feeling the weight of my body change the sensations though my hips, caressing my arms so that I can better and more fully experience the weight of my arms as they hang, adding weight to my head so I can grow my neck longer.

If you start to follow me, you won't learn how to nail a handstand or how to achieve this pose or that movement. I've focused on that stuff in the past, and it has a ton of merit.

What I do now, what you'll see if you follow me is that there is so much depth to what you can feel in every moment if you know what to look for. If you slow down and get into the corners and dark places of your body where internal awareness might be weak.

My focus is feeling better inside this beautiful body. No matter the size, shape or ability. Feeling good is our birthright....the trick is remembering.

Are you taking care of yourself?