I received ANF therapy from Christine and was impressed with the immediate results for my thumb and hip pain. She explained what she was doing and the technology behind the discs and what to expect post treatment. (detox) She is very knowledgeable on this therapy. I like how it works with the body to normalize body functions not only at the pain site but throughout. 

Kelly G.

I had the privilege of trying the ANF discs with Christine. Having worked as a nurse in the medical field my whole professional career, I was very skeptical about some of the claims, but I was interested.  I have had a continued problem with pain from varicose veins and swelling in my hands and feet since the birth of my daughter.  Christine believed the problem might have something to do with my lymph. I said I would try anything! 

Christine only used the weaker of the round discs for lymph drainage and pain. I tried to keep an open mind, but I left feeling nothing and assumed it was a sham. I wore them all day without noticing much. That night I went to sleep weighing 156lbs. I woke up that night about six times to use the bathroom. I couldn’t believe it because I had not done that since I was pregnant. The next morning I weighed myself again and to my surprise I was 6lbs lighter. 150lbs! I had no swelling In my legs and the pain and tingling by day three of wearing the discs were gone! I was amazed! But even after my great results, I figured the results wouldn’t stay with me. It has been months since my last treatment and while some swelling has come back it is not as bad as before and no tingling in my hands and feet.  I will say I couldn’t believe the results but was so happy with the relief I got. 

 I would recommend anyone to at least try this. It is noninvasive, and if it does work, your only real side effect is exhaustion or increased tiredness for a few days, and if you're anything like me, you will feel much more energy after the initial fatigue.   

I wish I would have taken a picture of before and after my ankle swelling now I barely get any since using this. Curious what another treatment could do with the stronger discs.  This single experience has made me a believer for sure.

Vanessa B.

After months of pain in my feet I decided to try ANF. I was honestly skeptical but willing to give it a try after my massage therapist suggested it.   After three treatments I no longer have pain in my feet. I highly recommend trying this treatment

E. Green

I've been seeing Christine monthly for nearly 2 years, and I never receive the same massage. Her creativity and therapeutic care flow with a natural touch that produces just enough pressure, light touch, or rocking motion. Beyond relaxation, Christine uses her growing experience to work with my scoliosis and recommend stretches that helps maintain my body for my own practice. I schedule with Christine because I am met with a cheery friendliness that holds time for me, and a massage that brings restoration.

Tara H.

After two sports-related injuries took me to physical therapy, it was massage therapy at Bright Mountain Massage & Yoga that allowed the healing to finally take place.  Christine has a keen ability to listen and then translate that information into her massages. I appreciate and value Christine’s balanced, practical and comprehensive view and understanding of good health and consider her massages an important part of my on-going exercise routine and healthy lifestyle.  


Christine's massages are responsive to your needs.  She listens carefully to any concerns or problem areas before your session, and works purposefully to help you feel your best.  Her knowledge of the body is apparent, and I love the way she passes that along to you.  When I've had specific problem areas, Christine has sent me home with preventative strategies.  I always recommend Christine to friends, and she makes gift certificates easy!  

Melissa R.


Christine participated in the 3rd Street Yoga 200 hour teacher training. She was and continues to be a vibrant student always pursuing and developing her skills. She is curious and joyful in her approach to teaching yoga therefore her classes are just that for her students. I have invited Christine to be a guest teacher for current training classes and students consistently give her classes rave reviews.  I have also benefited from her skillful massage.

    It is with great pleasure that I recommend Christine's. She is a bright mountain!

Joanne V.

I love the enthusiasm and spirit Christine brings to her teaching.  Her knowledge of yoga, anatomy and kinesiology are vast and she has a unique way of weaving humor and playfulness into her workshops and classes.  It is a pleasure to learn from her!

Suzanne A.