Integrated Massage

Utilizing every tool in my belt, we come up with game plan on how to meet your goals. 

60 minute session         $70

90 minute session         $90

Trager Approach

Trager is a gentle movement education modality that utilizes gentle, natural movements to release deep patterns in the body. It is extremely relaxing and effective. 

60 minute session       $70

90 minute session       $90

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy

Revolutionary new way to eliminate inflammation and pain in the body.  After an assessment, I apply small wearable discs that release, receive, and send frequencies which in turn helps your body functions normalize and minimizes pain. The discs last on the skin for 72 hours. 

Amino Neuro Frequency therapy is a holistic therapy based on the theory  that all bodily functions are lead by frequencies generated by the nervous system. The ANF discs contain unique frequencies that strengthen the body’s  own frequencies and help normalize cellular and nervous system function.

$4 per disc plus Assessment Fee

SportsFreq (Sports Performance and Recovery)

SportsFreq is the same technology as Amino Neuro Frequency. These frequencies are specifically designed to improve athletic performance and speed recovery time. 

Protocols can be customized to your needs and your particular sport.  Whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior. These discs will take your fitness to the next level.